Too many times, brides & grooms settle for getting ready in their church. The wedding party normally gets shoved in a church nursery or children’s room covered in crafts & filled toys or other clutter. To us, the photos of the wedding party getting ready are just as important as the rest of the day – they’re part of the story! That part of the day is full of beautiful moments & anticipation and we want the photos to reflect that! While we can work around the clutter, sometimes it’s difficult to mask the bright colored walls and decor. Our couples are spending thousands of dollars for us to be there, so we want those getting ready photos to be just as beautiful as the rest of the wedding day! We highly recommend considering renting a room at a nearby bed & breakfast, airbnb, or other similar venue. Having beautiful decor and lots of window light will greatly improve the look of the photos!

Here are a few tips to help you make the best of your getting ready + detail photos…

– Keep everyones stuff in one part of the room. Having everything scattered creates clutter and can interfere with the photos.

– It may seem like such a stupid detail, but having nice cups from everyone to drink from is a good idea. (We see far too many fast food cups or water bottles laying around and end up having to move them.)

– Have all of your details gathered up before we get there so we can photograph them quickly and don’t have to bug you for them! (flowers, rings, jewelry, perfume, shoes, socks, cuff links, invitations, letters, or any other unique items you’ve put thought into.)

– If you do have to get ready at the church, think about touring the entire building to find the perfect place to get ready in before the big day. Rooms with neutral walls and windows are a much better option than a dimly lit basement room or a nursery!

– Don’t be afraid to ask your photographer for advice and suggestions regarding your wedding day and where you plan on getting ready! We all are after the same end result- getting you and your other half some awesome photos to remember your day!



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